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Rev Jan Teves, Tzn lying in his coffin prior to burial on 25 July 1908 at Oak Hill Cemetery in Grand Rapids, Michigan.

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Who Should contribute?

We hope this project will appeal to descendants of Rev Teves who are in a position to contribute.

Because this project is innovative in investigative genealogy, we hope that community will find this worthy of funding.

We are seeking grant funding from historical and scientific funding entities.

How are Donations used?

Petition to the Kent County Court.

Historical research by church historian(s)

Opening the grave by Oak Hill Cemetery staff.

Travel expenses for the forensic geneticist from Connecticut

Removal of the remains by forensic anthropologists from Michigan State University.

Transportation of the remain to the forensic laboratory at Michigan State University

Processing the remains to secure scientific samples and images

Return the remains to the funeral home and preparing them for burial

Re-interment by cemetery staff.

Scientific investigations of samples

How Much will this Cost?

Approximately $30,000

What will we learn?

The goal of this project is to gather robust scientific evidence that may exonerate Rev Teves. The scientists and historian will prepare the results for peer-reviewed publication.

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