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Guide to Getting Started with Graphs for Genealogists

Journal of Genetic Genealogy article

Items to get you Started
A series of brief videos will guide you through the steps required to implement Graphs for Genealogy (GFG)

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Items to get you Started
The Graphs for Genealogy (GFG) software will guide you through the setup of Neo4j and your data. It is available in the GFG Store

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GFG Forum

Am I Ready for GFG

(in development)

This video helps you assess whether GFG is right for you. You'll see how graph methods are well suited for genealogists and how our analytics will help with your research questions. 

This brief video show you step by step how to install Neo4j and the GFG PlugIn with its numerous functions making complex analytics easy to execute.

How to Get Involved
An invitation to help build the future of genealogy graph analytics.


GFG needs testers to shake down new features and provide feedback. You'll get an inside track to the latest features and help influence improvements and new features. To volunteer send us an email.

Have an idea? GFG can help you explore its feasibility and develop a plan. There are many opportunities for entrepreneurs using graphs in genealogy. We'd like to help expand the innovation community.

GFG encourages thought leaders to learn about its capabilities and write reviews for their constituency. To request a demonstration or interview send us an email.


Would you like to incorporate graph capabilities into your products? GFG can help. DNA analytics, forensic genealogy, document and image management have significant opportunities.

GFG is an open source project with modular components. Plug-Ins are coded in Java.  If you'd like help design, build or manage new capabilities send us an email. 

GFG can provider speakers or workshop leaders who bring graph thinking and methods to your meeting.


Like what you see? Get in touch to learn more.

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