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Passionate About Helping Others

I love taking complex matters and making them understandable. I love getting lost in courthouse dusty rooms, finding long lost clues. I love solving mysteries and uncovering facts to link family lineages. I love culture, history, and maps. 

By trade, I’m a doctor. I spent my professional career as a pediatric neurologist in both practice (treating patients) and academia (teaching and laboratory research). Yet, even before my profession as a physician, I was a historian, investigator, and documenter of my family heritage. As a boy when family would gather, I could always be found asking questions. I began documenting stories and collecting demographics, pictures and documents as early as 8 years old. Through years of travel, I’ve researched, analyzed, and organized thousands of records found through family members and various court houses, archives, churches, cemeteries, libraries, and online genealogy search engines. Combining my unique experience as an MD and Ph.D. in healthcare and academia, I’ve become an expert in both the complexities of DNA use in genealogy and genealogical research (with specialty expertise in Dutch records). I manage several DNA projects where I’ve identified and recruited many to trace and verify lines of common ancestors. Now a retired physician, I enjoy assisting others with their complex genealogical research. Whether you’ve done extensive research and just hit a dead-end or have little to no information and don’t where to start, I’d love to connect to see if we can research and discover together the identity of who you are.

  • Licensed physician

  • Board certified in Clinical Informatics

  • Professional genealogist

  • Association of Professional Genealogists

  • National Genealogical Society

  • Illinois State Genealogy Society

  • International Society of  Genetic Genealogy

Genealogical Societies
Technology Skills
Standards Organizations Memberships
Selected Appointments
  • Professor and Chairman, Department of Neurology; Northwestern University Medical School; Chicago, IL.  1989-1998

  • Senior Vice President for Clinical Data Strategies; United Health Group  2005-2011

  • Professor Emeritus; Northwestern University  2005-present

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