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Graph Analytic Resources

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Graphs for Genealogists is a set of tools for genetic genealogists. It utilizes Neo4j, a native graph database. Graph analytics are powerful and for many analysts, as new arena. This post provides selected background information.

Fun Stuff

Linked: How Everything Is Connected to Everything Else ....

Bursts: Hidden Patterns behind everything ....

General Reading O'Reilly Graph Database -- what distinguishes a graph database

Why Neo4j?

Top Graph databases (be careful, not all of these are native graph databases!)

Gardner Report

Graph Databases for Dummies

Graphs for Genealogists

Basic methods paper

Graphs for Genealogists

Genealogy Forum of Oregon presentation

Getting GFG up and running -- by Wesley Johnston


Neo4j Graph Algorithms free book

Neo4j Graph Data Science

Knowledge Graphs -- a sweet spot for genealogists.

Neo4j Graph Academy

Neo4j Community also on Discord

Neo4j Reference Card -- cypher query cheat sheet!

Neo4j Documentation

Advanced Subjects

Network Science book by Albert-László Barabási (the Sage of network science)

Graph Machine Learning by Claudio Stamile et al.

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