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Graph Analytic Resources

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Graphs for Genealogists is a set of tools for genetic genealogists. It utilizes Neo4j, a native graph database. Graph analytics are powerful and for many analysts, as new arena. This post provides selected background information.

Fun Stuff

General Reading O'Reilly Graph Database -- what distinguishes a graph database

Top Graph databases (be careful, not all of these are native graph databases!)

Graphs for Genealogists

Getting GFG up and running -- by Wesley Johnston


Knowledge Graphs -- a sweet spot for genealogists.

Neo4j Reference Card -- cypher query cheat sheet!

Advanced Subjects

Network Science book by Albert-László Barabási (the Sage of network science)

Graph Machine Learning by Claudio Stamile et al.

1 Comment

David Williamson
David Williamson
Aug 13, 2023

I made a gephi DNA chart for a cousin and set it up to cluster their 4 grandparents and wondered why I had 2 smashed groups, there was endogamy on both sides of his family. Now that I understand it , it all makes sense.

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