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By trade, I’m a doctor. I spent my professional career as a pediatric neurologist in both practice (treating patients) and academia (teaching and laboratory research). Yet, even before my profession as a physician, I was a historian, investigator, and documenter of my family heritage. I've become an expert in genealogical research and records.  Combining my unique experience as an MD and Ph.D. in healthcare and academia, I’ve also become an expert in the complexities of DNA use in genealogy. Now a retired physician, I enjoy assisting others with their complex genealogical research. Whether you’ve done extensive research and just hit a dead-end or have little to no information and don’t where to start, I’d love to connect to see if we can research and discover together the identity of who you are.


How I Can Help You

  • An opportunity to assess whether our services are right for you.

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    30 min

  • Research & analyze records: court, medical, burial, census & more

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    1 hr

    $50/hr, 25% retainer
  • Where to go and how to move forward with a comprehensive DNA plan.

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    1 hr 30 min

    $50/hr, 25% retainer
  • Break through adoption roadblocks

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    $50/hr, 25% retainer
Similing Team

Ian Hough

My dad and I researched his birth mother for several years but after he passed away I lost the momentum to continue. Years later, when I resumed my research, I had forgotten details my dad shared with me. I hit a dead end. I hired David A Stumpf who found confirming documents and followed my dad's birth mothers family line to living children. And he did this within two weeks! Having earned my trust, I followed Dr. Stumpf's advice and did an initial DNA test to confirm relationships which also led to a second cousin once removed who I was able to meet face-to-face with their extended family. I couldn't have imagined this would be the result of my dad's and my research. It was a great way to honor my dad's legacy and add a colorful dimension to his life story.

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